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Website Design

Before the first line of code is even written, careful consideration of the look and feel of your website must be taken. A great site will provide the information and answers your visitors are seeking whilst also being visually engaging. The impact a beautifully designed website can have on conversion rates and Google rankings is incredible.

What is the difference between web development and web design?

It’s important to differentiate between website design toronto services and website development services, as the two are not one in the same. There are some amazing developers that do not have design chops and there are designers that have never developed.

Website development is the process of coding a website, building out its functionality and publishing it live onto the internet. This requires expertise in a range of coding languages and detailed understandings of how different functional elements work together.

Website design is the overall visual aesthetic and look of the website as a user would experience it. This includes colour scheme, dynamic visuals, and the layout schematic of the website – and most importantly, creating a platform and user experience which is conversion friendly, and that compels visitors to take your desired action on-site; such as submit a lead form, call your business, complete a purchase, subscribe to your newsletter, etc..

Difference Between Web Development And Web Design - Consultus Digital

Website Design &

An important thing to keep in mind when assessing a potential toronto website design is that aesthetics are subjective. Several people may look at the same design and have very different feedback. An example we like to use is to liken websites aesthetics to people aesthetics.

Your website has navigation, text, imagery, and contact information.

You have one nose, two ears, two eyes and a mouth.

You may find someone’s aesthetic incredibly desirable, while another looking at the same person may not be as impressed. It’s the same with websites… aesthetic is subjective. This is why it is always a good idea to have multiple sets of eyes look over a potential design to get a more representative sample of how people might react to it.

Website Design And Aesthetic - Consultus Digital

User Interface

User Interface (UI) refers to the way in which a user interacts with your website and achieves the goals both your business and your customers have when clicking on your page. This includes the navigation structure, the placement of buttons and forms, sitemaps, and e-commerce functionality.

Crafting the perfect UI takes an expert eye and many years of experience in understanding user journeys. Consultus Digital is one of Canada’s leading UI design agencies, developing unique UIs that inspire and captivate your audience.

User Interface - Consultus Digital

User Experience

User Experience (UX) is the way a user subsequently feels when using your site and the level of enjoyment and ease they experience. This relates to the workflow of achieving an action, moving around the site, contextual intelligence of the site, and the overall website design.

Both UX and UI are of vital importance when considering a new design for your business website, as a user is more likely to complete a desired action if the site they are using is intuitive and well thought out.

User Experience - Consultus Digital

Website Design
Toronto Schematic

To develop the right UX and UI, the first major thought process has to be to think about who is visiting your site and what they are looking for. The best designs are the ones that take into account their customer’s needs and their unique value propositions, and setup the different sections of their website to serve these interests as best they can.

What you should end up with is a robust schematic, or as it is more commonly referred to in the industry, a wireframe.

From here the aesthetic portions can be built out to reflect and represent the sections on your website that you have laid out.

The designers you choose can make beautiful visual experiences, but they need clear instructions of what you want. Their skill sets and knowledge banks include colour palettes and typography, but they cannot read minds. This is why in-person brainstorms and questionnaires are so important, because they bridge that gap.

Then, once it has been designed and tweaked, it is time to put the website developer to work to create an immersive online experience that will drive users to complete your desired action.

Website Design Toronto Schematic - Consultus Digital

Consultus Digital Website Design Services

Consultus Digital specializes in crafting completely customized website designs and schematics for every client. Our dedicated team are highly experienced in determining the perfect aesthetic for your goals and translating that into an effective schematic that helps your business succeed.

Some other website design Toronto agencies might apply a generic website design template to every client so as to save themselves time and money. Whilst this means they are able to generate new website designs quickly, the results will be uninspired and ineffective in generating significant results for their clients.

At Consultus Digital, we take the time to discuss all of your business goals before we put pen to paper so we have a complete understanding of what it is you want out of your new website design. Once we have a holistic view of where your business is and where it wants to be, we incorporate the latest aesthetic tools into our website designs, always making your business needs our top priority.

The end result is a completely bespoke, uniquely “you” website design that is custom built from the ground up for your business.

A beautifully designed website may be eye catching, but to get it in front of the right customers requires it to be fully optimized for your specific needs. We carefully structure all of our Toronto website designs to always funnel viewers towards your desired action, whether that is making a sale, entering an email address, or having them pick up the phone.

We ensure we are always optimizing our designs with the latest techniques on colour theory, multi-device and browser tested, dynamic visuals and search engine optimization so that your business can reap the benefits of a professionally designed website.

A part of any good partnership open and frequent communication. We believe this is vital in developing a website design that is exactly what you were looking for, so we make collaboration a cornerstone of our design process.

After our initial consultation, we will develop several different aesthetics we believe would work well with your particular business. We then work closely with you to refine these ideas into the works of art we know they can be. Your input will always be highly valued, and we ensure that the product we produce for you meets all of your needs and more.

If your website is feeling stale and your leads have dried up, contact us today to let us get you into a new website design and switch on your success.

Consultus Digital Website Design Services - Consultus Digital

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