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Tik Tok is the new kid in town- the latest social platform that’s taking Gen Z by storm. Tik Tok is easily the fastest growing social platform on the planet, with a growth rate of 58% for 2020, that’s twice as quickly as Facebook.

Users of this video-sharing platform are predominantly of the Gen z generation, with a medium age between 16-24. With the average user spending about 1 hour per day on the app, Tik Tok ranks in the top 3 apps worldwide for on-screen time per user. Recognizing the increasing popularity of this platform, brands are quickly reallocating their social media towards Tik Tok and taking advantage of the low cost to advertise to their audience.

What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is a social media platform created in 2017 by the Chinese technological company, ByteDance. This mobile application allows users to create and share image and video content. It’s very similar to Instagram but with more robust features that encourage creativity, and frankly, more entertaining content.

What is Tik Tok? – Consultus Digital

What is Tik Tok Advertising?

The Tik Tok advertising platform launched in 2020, and Consultus Digital was one of the first agencies in Canada to be awarded access to the platform. The platform allows advertisers to display ads to their ideal audience with precision accuracy. Using 1st party data, Tik Tok has a heck of a lot of information on their users as it can hone in your audience by age, sex, location, interests, behaviour, device type, etc.

Similar to Facebook Advertising & Linkedin Advertising, Tik Tok uses a CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) and CPC (cost-per-click) model to charge their advertising customers. This method allows advertisers to forecast the media budget they require to achieve their objectives. Like all digital ad platforms, Tik Tok provides analytics to measure the success of your paid campaign. The metrics they provide are in the form of; impressions, clicks & engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc.).

What is Tik Tok Advertising? - Consultus Digital

Influencer Marketing Campaigns on Tik Tok

Another way to advertise on Tik Tok is by working directly with the content creators themselves. There are thousands of content creators using the platform, each with a unique following. At Consultus Digital, we use sophisticated software to categorize these influencers to hone in on those that align with your brand. We create the strategy, negotiate the terms, and report on campaign results.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns on Tik Tok – Consultus Digital


The cost to advertise depends on your campaign objectives; how wide of a net do we need to cast to accomplish your desired results? A moderate campaign for a small and medium sized business can run $2000 – $4000 / month plus agency fees. Larger campaigns can run into thousands of dollars. What’s great about the platform is that with proper tracking implemented on your site you can determine precisely your return on investment.

Yes, it can, depending on your products or services being provided. It’s important to remember your customers have lives outside of work, and when enjoying time away from work, many use Tik Tok to entertain themselves.

No! Tik Tok is recognized as the next big social platform.

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