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Sales Enablement - Optimize Your Sales Department

I mean, why invest money into lead generation if your sales process isn’t optimized?

As technology continues to advance, so does the evolution of the modern sales department. The leaders in any industry are already using modern sales systems and technologies to maximize their growth. 

Are you yet to evolve your sales to the digital era? Don’t sweat it, we have a solution to build your modern sales department. 

What exactly is Sales Enablement?

In short, it’s the enhancement of how an organization sells their products or services to its customers.

From inbound lead management, to outbound cold calling, an organization, whether they know it or not, has processes in place to lead a customer down the sales funnel. Many sales departments have never documented these processes, or they have, and admit they are weak. Having worked with hundreds of businesses, our consultants immerse themselves into their clients business, and implement best practices and technology that allows them to close more businesses.

As we’re now living in the digital era, there’s no question that consumers have drastically changed their purchasing habits. Similarly, so has the way organizations sell. If you aren’t relying heavily on Martech (marketing technologies) to perform the heavy lifting, you’re yet to reach your potential.

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What exactly is Sales Enablement? - Consultus Digital

Why is this important?

We’re big believers that lead-gen is only half the battle. The ability to sell the opportunity is equally as important and unfortunately, rarely scrutinized. This is why in addition to lead generation, our agency specializes in transforming the way organizations sell, by implementing modern methodologies and technologies. At Consultus Digital, we understand the importance of sales systems, without them, our lead generation strategies are useless.

If you manage a sales department and aren’t evaluating your sales systems every 5 years, odds are you’re behind the ball.

As the competitive landscape in any industry continues to evolve, companies that have introduced Martech (marketing technology) into their sales systems have a massive leg up.

Why is this important? - Consultus Digital

What Is the Consultus Digital Approach
to Optimizing Your sales Department?:

Understanding your sales org chart What happens after a lead is generated? Let’s assess where we can improve Implement technology and cadences to enhance the sales person Change can be scary, we’re here to help your team adopt to the modernized processes
For us to build your digital sales department, we need to know how your department is currently structured

  • How many reps do you have?
  • Are all your sales staff at one location?
  • Do you have a phone answering system?
  • Who manages them?
  • Do you have SR1s (cold callers) and SR2s (closers)?
  • much more
  • An audit of your current inbound and outbound sales processes will allow us to identify areas for improvement
  • This exercise can uncover huge opportunities hiding in plain sight
  • What happens after a lead is generated?
  • How are leads distributed?
Once it’s understood what your sales processes are, we can identify where we’re losing opportunities and how we can implement procedural and technological changes to enhance the customers’ sales experience
  • Arming your sales staff with technology to sell better
A detailed restructure of your inbound & outbound sales process will be

Are you ready to amplify your sales department?

Allow Consultus Digital to increase your closing rate and grow your revenue.

Schedule a free discovery call or Learn More.

Client Testimonials

There’s a reason Consultus Digital is considered the best digital marketing agency in Toronto.

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