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Remarketing Advertising

In the modern era of internet shopping, digital ecosystems, and social media, customers are spending more and more of their time online. This digital behaviour can be tracked across many different sites on the internet through the use of small pieces of code called cookies. This opens up a huge opportunity for brands to serve their advertisements to customers who have already interacted with their brand and are spending time online in related niche websites.

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What Is Remarketing Advertising?

Remarketing advertising, also known as retargeting, is the process of serving advertisements to consumers that have previously interacted with your brand but didn’t convert during their first visit.

User’s online behaviour can be tracked across multiple platforms through small pieces of code called cookies. These track which sites a user has previously accessed, which can then be used to serve ads on related niche websites. This capability is baked right into platforms such as Google Ads and Bing Advertising, enabling powerful retargeting options across many of the most popular websites on the internet.

An example of an effective remarketing advertising campaign would be if you ran an e-commerce website that sold air conditioners. After installing the right tracking tag on your product page, you could then enable retargeting for any customer that views that page but does not proceed with a purchase. Once you have specified the remarketing audience, ads for your air conditioner will be served to any customer who visits your product page but navigates away before making a purchase. Then, when they are visiting other websites that are a part of the remarketing network, an ad for that specific air conditioner that they had previously viewed would display as a banner or video ad.

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What is Remarketing Advertising? - Consultus Digital

Why Is Remarketing Advertising Important?

Remarketing advertising can be an extremely powerful tool in the digital marketer’s tool belt as it allows your products and brand to remain top of mind for customers that are most likely to convert.

If a potential customer has already navigated to your product page, they are most likely at some stage of the customer journey and moving towards making a purchase. They might be researching their options or comparing prices and features.. They might have been doing research on their options, or comparing prices or features. If they did not make a purchase straight away, they may need more time to consider their options. Remarketing advertising ensures that your product stays at the front of their minds as they are browsing the web, increasing the likelihood that the customer will make the purchase with you.

Remarketing advertising works especially well when your ads are served on related niche websites. Taking our air conditioner example from above, if a customer viewed your product page but then navigated away without making a purchase, they would be added to your retargeting audience. If they then navigated to a weather forecast website that was a part of the remarketing network, the customer would see the upcoming (hopefully hot) weather, and your air conditioner would be right there reminding them that a cool home is just a few clicks away.

Why Is Remarketing Advertising Important? - Consultus Digital

Remarketing Advertising

The Consultus Digital Process

Consultus offers expert remarketing advertising programs for a wide range of businesses, from e-commerce to B2B companies. Our team of in-house experts will ensure your remarketing campaign generates real business and an exceptional return on investment using our Consultus Method.

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Effective Tagging

At the beginning of any remarketing advertising campaign, your dedicated Client Success Manager will install the correct tags across your entire website so that you can begin to track users as they visit your website. This can be set up for only specific products, an entire group of products, or any visit to your website at all.

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Audience Creation Icon
Audience Creation

Now that your site is set up for remarketing advertising, it’s time to start tracking and building audiences. Your Client Success Manager will work closely with you to determine which audiences should receive which ads, in a process known as Audience Building. Once your have set up the audiences you wish to track and advertise to, you are ready to begin remarketing.

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Optimized Budgets Icon
Optimized Budgets

As your retargeting campaign goes live, your Client Success Manager will monitor how much budget it is using on a daily basis. If we notice one audience is converting better than another, we will dynamically update the budget allocations to push more ad spend into the higher performing campaign. This ensures you are getting the most possible business out of remarketing and improves your return on investment.

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Expert Reporting Icon
Expert Reporting

Following the conclusion of a remarketing advertising campaign, your Client Success Manager will put together a detailed analysis and report based on the results and outcomes. This will include overall performance, budget, return on investment, and which audiences performed the best. We will also provide detailed recommendations for how campaigns might be improved in the future, making each report comprehensive and actionable.

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Remarketing Advertising FAQs

Remarketing Advertising is a very cost effective addition to any digital marketing effort. The main method that many people use to manage their remarketing is through Google Ads. The cost will largely depend on how many visitors to your website you are serving ads to (more visitors means higher cost to serve a wider audience, but in many cases, it is the best performing campaign in any Google ads account).

Retargeting can benefit any brand in any industry, as enhanced brand recognition and recall is always desirable no matter your vertical. Product based businesses would perhaps have the most to gain out of a remarketing advertising campaign, as they involve short sales cycles and immediately actionable conversions. However, any kind of business can still benefit from a well crafted remarketing campaign.

To some extent, yes. Remarketing advertising done through Google Ads utilizes their suite of digital products as well as their advertising partner network. Google doesn’t specify which sites are a part of their network, meaning you are not able to explicitly say that you would like to appear on a certain website. However, you are able to add negative keywords during your campaign creation that ensures your ads aren’t displayed on websites that could harm your brand’s image.

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There’s a reason Consultus Digital is considered the best digital marketing agency in Toronto.

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