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Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design can be one of the most important features of your digital strategy, especially when it comes to driving your paid advertising traffic to the most relevant and conversion-friendly landing environment possible. Trust The leading Google Ads Agency in Toronto for your business website and landing page design and development.

A highly focused landing page is a great tool for any business looking to maximize the conversion rate of their Paid Media campaigns. This is because a conversion focused PPC (pay per click) landing page simplifies the path to purchase and provides the visitor with a clear view of the desired outcome. These landing pages are intentionally developed to have a narrow focus. They tell every visitor, “you’ve come to the right place, call this number or fill out this form.” Conversely, standard website landing pages are full of detailed information to support ranking in organic search results (SEO – search engine optimization). So the term ‘landing page’ can be used to describe two different types of user experiences. Let’s review the details…

What Is Landing Page
Design And Development

On one hand, a landing page refers to a standalone PPC one-pager as outlined above.

It is highly focused and used to convert paid media traffic such as that from Google Ads or Facebook Ads. This type of landing page is highlighted by a strong ‘Call to Action,’ a sales funnel, multiple conversion points, and limited information to ensure the user is not distracted or guided to any other pages. On the other hand, a landing page can also refer to the page that a visitor lands on when visiting a website. With that in mind, many websites will feature many different ‘landing pages’ highlighting the services they provide. These pages tend to provide more information and focus less on generating immediate conversions. Ultimately, website landing pages are focused on search engine optimization, thought leadership, and building trust with the reader.

What Is Landing Page Design And Development - Consultus Digital

How Do Landing Pages Work?

Landing pages are designed to serve the most relevant content possible to a potential customer right when they are searching for it.

They are often highly tailored and specific pages that speak to the exact service or location the user is searching for at that moment and demonstrates that your business is capable of providing that service in that location right now. There are two main types of landing pages:

How Do Landing Pages Work? - Consultus Digital

Stand Alone
Landing Pages

Depending on the industry, some landing page designs work better than others. Let’s review the first example listed above – the conversion-focused landing page used to convert paid media traffic.

If your business has a short sales cycle (i.e emergency dental services, or emergency plumbing services), your landing page does not need to feature deep knowledge and thought leadership. People have a major problem – and they need you to solve it immediately. So conversion-focused landing pages are extremely effective when people are in ‘buy now’ mode, or when your business solves a pressing need.

These landing pages should offer quick information and value to the visitor. In the emergency plumbing example, here is a collection of quick messages that support lead generation on a landing page:

  • 24/7 Service
  • Free on-site assessment
  • No surge pricing
  • 30 Years of experience
  • 1 Year warranty on all drain work
  • Flat rate of $149 for the first drain and $99 for any others
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Stand Alone Landing Pages - Consultus Digital

Specific Landing Environments

We can all agree that the best user experience is achieved when the user finds the information they are looking for. So if you run a business with a longer sales cycle (i.e lawyers, plastic surgeons), it would be prudent to have informative landing pages for all the different services you offer and to demonstrate your expertise. In the example of a plastic surgeon, it would be a good idea to feature the following information on the landing page for each service:

  • Service descriptions
  • Testimonials
  • Video examples
  • Before / After image gallery
  • Highlight education/accreditations/ anything that builds trust

This information will build trust with your website visitor. Now if you are running a Google Ads campaign, the content on your landing page should match the keywords you are bidding on, and your Ad copy. This will help lead to better quality scores, lower cost per clicks, and higher conversion rates which translates to a lower cost per lead.

Specific Landing Environments - Consultus Digital

Why are Landing Pages Important?

Landing pages are crucial opportunities for a business to show a potential customer that they have exactly what they need right as they are searching for it.

Due to the highly customizable nature of landing pages, the content can be optimized to display for certain keywords that have a high chance of converting. For example, if a customer is searching for a plumber in Brampton, a landing page that speaks specifically to these services is more likely to generate a phone call than one that speaks more generically to plumbing services.

Why are Landing Pages Important? - Consultus Digital

Landing Page Design

The Consultus Method

Consultus Digital has years of crafting perfectly optimized landing page designs to maximize conversions for our clients. We take the time to learn everything there is to know about our customers and what they want to achieve with their landing page design. Our experienced team of in-house designers, coders, and copywriters then get to work creating unique user experiences built from the ground up to support our client's goals. We focus on proven landing page designs that are guaranteed to get results, while also adding flair and innovation that will also create brand recall with customers through our proven approach.

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Understanding Your Business And Customers Icon
Understanding Your Business & Customers

The key to any successful landing page campaign is to understand exactly what your business goals are, and what your customers are looking for. Your dedicated Account Manager will perform in-depth keyword research to find which search terms your potential customers are using, and which ones are being underserved by your business and the industry. Combined with a detailed overview of your business goals and objectives, a tailored and effective landing page campaign can be crafted.

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In house Design Icon
In-house Design

Once we understand your brand and your audience, our team of expert in-house designers and copywriters get to work creating bespoke landing pages and landing environments. These will combine the identified keywords as well as industry best practices for maximizing engagement and conversions. We will work closely with you to develop a landing page that suits your brand as well as driving sales.

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Expert Implementation Icon
Expert Implementation

Once we have finalized the landing page design and copy, our team of in house web developers will implement the pages on your website. Every page will be optimized to load as fast as possible and to be reactive for mobile devices. Your dedicated Account Manager will follow the entire process closely and ensure the highest standards of quality are followed.

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Real Time Performance Tracking Icon
Real-Time Performance Tracking

Once your landing page campaign has been launched, your Account Manager will continuously monitor its progress and make adjustments as necessary to maximize your return on investment. At the conclusion of the campaign, you will receive a comprehensive breakdown report that analyzes all stats available from the campaign, which can be used to improve any future landing pages you might wish to pursue. Are you ready to get the best landing page designs in the industry? Contact Consultus Digital today and let’s work some magic together.

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Landing Page Design FAQs

Landing pages need to include information that is highly relevant to particular services or service areas that will exactly match a user’s search terms. If you are a lawyer that specializes in divorce settlements, you may want to create a landing page that speaks specifically to divorce lawyers in Toronto, or any other area you service. There should be effective copy that hits those keywords, is engaging, and contains some call to action, such as a “Call Now” or “Request A Quote” button.

Landing pages offer you another opportunity to be shown to users when they are in important stages of their search journey. If you wish to appear for search terms that feature geographical locations, such as “Toronto”, “GTA”, “Oakville”, creating specific landing pages for each of these locations is a great way to make your way onto Google’s first page. In addition, Google won’t penalize you for creating landing pages with duplicate content when setting up standalone landing pages. This means you only need to write the copy once and then replace the location to instantly create a range of specialized landing pages.

Landing pages are designed to drive more conversions by serving the exact information that a user requires at the right stage in their search journey. Once they have read the information, they are in a prime position to take a further step and get the ball rolling on their purchase. Placing a contact form on a landing page makes it as easy as possible for the customer to make their way into your sales funnel, giving you the opportunity to close the deal. Also, having a form on your landing page allows you to track its efficacy by comparing forms completed with finalized sales.

A “Call to Action” is any kind of button, copy, or image that drives a user to complete the desired action. Examples of a call to action include “Call Now”, “Sign Up For Our Newsletter”, “Request A Quote”, or any variation of these. What specific action you will want to draw attention to will depend on your goals for the landing page campaign. Your personal Account Manager will work closely with you to determine the best call to action to generate the greatest number of conversion.

Above the fold refers to content that loads above the bottom of a user’s screen. This would be anything that can be viewed without needing to scroll down the page. Below the fold refers to any content that does require scrolling down from the first loaded screen. Generally speaking, you want you most engaging and relevant content above the fold so that it can instantly capture the user’s attention and they are more inclined to scroll down to your below the fold content.

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