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The Insurance industry in Canada has changed dramatically over the past decade. We’ve witnessed a major shift from traditional brick and mortar brokerages to brokerages that are completely online. This shift is the result of emerging technologies and a change in consumer habits. 

For as long as can be remembered, up until the early 2010ish the insurance industry has been dominated by mom and pop brokerages who relied solely on local consumers to grow their book of business.  

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Understanding the new consumer

Baby boomers have had their insurance providers for years, and the likelihood of them changing is low.

The new market are the millennials and Gen X, those born between 1986-1995. And 1996-2010 respectively. These individuals grew up with technology at their fingertips and are fully expecting their counterparts to be fully versed as well. These are advanced consumers, who know how to research their product or services before purchasing, and they do. STAT of this generation will search for reviews of their chosen vendor prior to fully committing. This even includes those that were referred to a business by close friends or family.

What exactly are insurance consumers researching, as in, what’s important to them?
We’ve broken it down:

Understanding The New Consumer - Consultus Digital

Reputation + Social Proof:

What are others saying about purchasing insurance from your brokerage. These can be; Google and Facebook reviews, client testimonials, awards and recognition on not only your website, but on 3rd party sites. For example, before purchasing many consumers will search through popular peer generated sites such as reddit or quora. Example, someone searching for a specific type of insurance may search on Google; “Has anyone ever used ABC Insurance brokerage for commercial insurance, what was your experience?”. Should they find any articles related to this, they’ll certainly value the information more than if it came directly from the company

Reputation With Social Proof - Consultus Digital

Brand Connect:

What does your insurance stand for, and does it align with their personal beliefs. STAT of Millennials chose companies based on their conceived perspective of whether they donate or add value to those less fortunate.

Brand Connect - Consultus Digital

User Experience:

  • How easy is your platform to use?
  • How quickly can I be provided with a quote. when will this come into effect and how long does it take?
  • Can I purchase online without having to speak with someone?
  • Can I send my information and then communicate via a messenger to finalize?

These consumers are on the go and constantly multi-tasking. Insurance to them is a commodity and finding a provider that offers seamless purchasing is very important.

User Experience - Consultus Digital


This is one thing that hasn’t changed with the consumer transformation. In fact, being provided with the best rates for their insurance policies has become more transparent for the consumer as it’s so easy to shop around.

Equally as important to understanding your consumer, is understanding your brokerage. Not every brokerage wants nor needs to transform to a completely online company. Having a completely digital insurance brokerage has its own risks, such as not knowing your consumers and potentially writing costly policies.

Price Fixing - Consultus Digital

Modernizing the sales process:

Just as your consumer has changed, so has the sales process.

At Consultus Digital, we understand the insurance industry, the consumer and digital marketing. We provide digital marketing and sales solutions to our clients that enable them to sell more. Contact us for a free 20 minute strategy session.


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Modernizing The Sales Process - Consultus Digital

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