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Custom Photography

Digital marketing is a highly visually reliant form of connecting with your customers, requiring eye-catching images and videos to generate engagement. Stock photography can work in some situations, but consumers will recognize immediately that it is generic and not unique.

This typically leads to lower engagement, trust, and fewer interactions with your customers. Consultus offers comprehensive custom photography that captures the essence of your brand in an exciting and unique way. This branded content can then be shared across social media, used in other forms of advertising, or hosted on your website to increase brand awareness and drive conversions.

What Is Custom Photography?

Custom photography any kind of photographed visual content created specifically for your brand.

This can be anything from lifestyle photography, food photography, corporate or professional photography, and everything in between. A professional photographer will typically come to your location, or to a location set up for the shoot, and spend several hours taking shots of different scenes, angles, and compositions, to give you a wide range of high-quality choices to use in the future.

What Is Custom Photography? - Consultus Digital

How Does Custom Photography Work?

How exactly a custom branded photography shoot works will depend on what your business goals are and what you are looking for from the finished content.

A custom photography shoot usually involves several hours, a professional photographer, high-end lighting, sets, and storyboards to communicate the ideas in an innovative and engaging fashion. While the opportunities are endless for what custom photography can be used for, some of the more common industries served include:

One of the most visually driven industries is the food, beverage, and restaurant industry. The old saying goes that you eat with your eyes, which makes presentation and unique food photography essential to any restaurant or food brand’s digital marketing efforts. An expertly crafted food photography shoot can provide you with months worth of exciting content to share with your customers, increasing brand recall and driving users to make reservations.

For brands that offer more intangible services, experiences, or “moments” to their customers, custom lifestyle photography can help elevate your digital presence. This style of photography focuses on capturing real people in real situations in order to express a feeling, emotion, or association with your brand. Lifestyle photography is also one of the most successful kinds of visual imagery to share on social media, making it an ideal option for brands looking to boost their performance online.

Product photography can help your new offerings shine on any form of digital or print media. Consumers are bored with traditional, sterile product photography. They are looking for something more exciting and visually engaging, that tells them about the product and the brand and what they stand for. Enlisting the services of an expert product photographer and help to paint a picture of what makes your brand and your product different from the competition, helping you to stand out and drive more sales in the process.

How Does Custom Photography Work? - Consultus Digital

Why Is Custom Photography Important?

Custom photography is important for many reasons, as it gives you the chance to engage with your customers with visually striking and memorable content across many different platforms.

If you rely solely on stock photos to advertise your brand, you run the risk of appearing boring, disingenuous, or even fake. Consumers can tell when a brand has put no effort into their photography, which can lead to them not putting much effort in getting to know that brand. A comprehensive custom photography package and help to capture your brand’s positioning in engaging images that can be used to promote your business on social media, paid advertising, print media, and more.

Why Is Custom Photography Important? - Consultus Digital

Custom Photography

The Consultus Method

At Consultus Digital, we understand the importance of carefully crafted custom photography in making your brand stand out from the crowd. That’s why our in-house creative team only works with the best professional photographers in Toronto to ensure unique, high-quality content that can be used across all media platforms. We have achieved incredible results for our clients through our effective creative process.

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A picture tells a thousand words, but choosing what those words are, require some expert planning. Storyboarding is the process of mapping out the message that a photoshoot will communicate and covers everything from shot composition and props, to model choices and settings. Our creative team will craft a unique vision for your custom photography that meets your business goals while also being engaging and shareable.

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Once a storyboard is in place, bringing it to life is the next step. Our professional photographers are experts in their field and have extensive experience capturing the perfect moment for your custom content. Shoots often take place over one to two days, which gives our team time to get the shot from every angle and ensure no opportunity for creating viral content is missed.

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Once all of the raw images have been captured, it’s time to fine-tune the results into the most effective branded content. This involves expert tweaking of lighting, touching up, removing any unwanted visual artifacts, adjusting colour and focus, and cropping for optimal digital marketing performance. At the end of the process, your custom photography content will be ready to be shared with the rest of the world.

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The final step is getting your custom photography out in front of potential customers. Your dedicated Account Manager will help organize distribution of your content to the most optimal channels, including display advertising, social media channels, Google My Business listings, and relevant websites. Consultus Digital is the leading custom photography agency in Toronto, specializing in creating unique and engaging branded content optimized for digital media. Contact us today and find out how we can help take your brand to the next level.

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Custom Photography FAQs

Any business or brand can benefit from custom photography. In a digital landscape increasingly flooded with stock imagery and uninspired content, consumers are hungry for more personalized, interesting visuals that they can engage with. By leveraging the unique capabilities of custom photography, you can make your brand a go-to source of attractive content in your industry, improving brand recognition and boosting customer conversions in the process.

The costs associated with custom photography will depend on the style, size, and scope of the photoshoot. Food photography will have different requirements and costs compared to lifestyle photography or product photography. Hiring models, creating sets, hiring props, makeup and hair styling, number of days in the shoot and more can all affect the end cost of a custom photography project. Depending on all of the various factors influencing the cost of the shoot, most custom photography campaigns would cost anywhere from $1,500 up to $30,000+

If you want them, of course! The cost of your custom photography includes exclusive access to all images captured during your shoot. This can sometimes be many thousands of images, but they can provide you with years of engaging, effective content for your social media channels and digital marketing campaigns in the future.

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